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PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – The Phillies are losing… a lot. Eight losses in their last nine games, as the trade deadline approaches, and the thought that an era of Phillies baseball may be coming to an end.

Many see this as well as possibly the last year of Charlie Manuel as Phillies manager, with possible replacement Ryne Sandberg waiting in the wings.

But if Manuel is worried, he’s not showing it.

“Let me tell you something like this, I got 99 problems and a contract and managing next year, is not one of my problems.” Manuel said while channeling Jay Z to 94WIP’s Michael Barkann and Ike Reese on Tuesday at Ponzio’s Diner, Bakery and Bar. “I understand that if you tear something down, you start rebuilding it more and things like that, that there’s going to be a lot of changes. A lot of times it depends whether you want to clean house or partly clean it. That’s kind of how I look at it. At the same time too, I’m not worried about it.”

Ike Reese responded that Manuel’s quote was the “highlight of his life.”

“Hey, Ike [Reese], right now that’s not one of my problems,” Manuel said.  “I keep my priorities in order, and my priority is go to the ballpark today and win. We play the San Francisco Giants and—first of all, I can’t do nothing about it anyway. It’s not in my hands. The only thing I can do is go out there and try to make sure we play the best we can, and we relax, and we give everything we got, and we see what happens.”

Manuel was there for his weekly “Charlie Manuel Show.”

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