By Brad Segall

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NORRISTOWN, Pa. (CBS) – About a dozen members of a pro-life organization held, what they described as, a pray-in at the Register of Wills office in Montgomery County to protest marriage licenses for same-sex couples.

On one side of the room there were two women applying for a marriage certificate and two men waiting to apply; on the other side were members of the Pro-Life Coalition of Pennsylvania praying.

The organization’s president, Michael McMonagle, says Governor Corbett has been timid and derelict in his duty to stop the Register of Wills from violating state law. He also directed his anger at the legislature.

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“They passed a law overwhelmingly defining marriage as one man and one woman and yet when it’s challenged by this county official who claims to be above any court, legislator and the governor, they’re silent,” says McMonagle.

He also called on District Attorney Risa Ferman to prosecute Bruce Hanes for breaking the law.

The group says the primary purposed of civil marriage is to unite children with a mother and father and homosexual couples are incapable of producing kids.

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