PHILADELPHIA (CBS) –In an interview with Philly Mag, Donovan McNabb had this to say about Philly sports fans and more specifically, Angelo Cataldi when asked how much he thought race was a factor in how he was perceived throughout his career:

“It’s been a part. What percentage, I don’t know. Do I care? No. But it’s been a part. Look at the numbers. Look at wins and losses; look at the success rate of the team compared to whoever else you want. Angelo Cataldi can say anything he wants and people will call in—rah-rah-rah.”

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You didn’t think Cataldi was going to take the high road did you? Cataldi, of course, responded on the WIP Morning Show.

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“You know what bothered me the most about it? He actually brought my name up when asked if race was a factor in the way he’s perceived in his career. As if I saw him racially and that’s why I didn’t like him. Let me be honest with you, alright. Race had absolutely nothing to do with it. I couldn’t stand him because he’s the biggest jackass I ever ran across in my life! The biggest jackass ever! Ever! No one is even finishing second, he finished second in the jackass race as well.”

Later on the show, Angelo addressed the situation again,

“KEEP MY NAME OUT YOUR MOUTH, MCNABB! KEEP MY NAME OUT YOUR MOUTH! You hear me? I’m not going to say it again, McNabb. How dare you attack me that way. Al [Morganti], I’m cannot just sit here and let that happen. I must defend my honor, not as a talk show host—no, no, no. It’s different than that. As a man!”

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