By Cleve Bryan

OCEAN CITY, N.J., – The end of a heat wave and anticipation for Saturday’s Night in Venice celebration are combining to make business owners in Ocean City smile.

“Night in Venice is our biggest volume day of the year,” says Robert Blutinger owner of Boyers Food Market on Asbury Avenue.

Boyers is celebrating 89 years of operation and hopes to have a big summer after Super Storm Sandy shut business down because of flooding.

“We’ve been doing this for 30 year as far as Night in Venice goes and we have just a really big day,” says Blutinger who has a refrigerated trailer parked out front of the store to hold the hundreds of food trays for hosts of Night in Venice parties.

Ocean City had a record 4th of July with 120,000 visitors according to the Chamber of Commerce.

“June was flat, it was slow,” says Michelle Gilliam from the O.C. Chamber, “beach tags, parking lots, rentals and accommodations did not do well – but July started to pick up.”

Gilliam says Night in Venice will help keep the ball rolling until Labor Day.

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