PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Brazen thieves rob a Rittenhouse Square apartment, taking a computer and TV – even a dog!

Now police are searching for the missing pet, in addition to the suspects who nabbed her.

“I was worried and I walked back here and right in this area is where her crate was,” said Alison Rans.

She recalls making a beeline for her bedroom and checking on her dog, Betty, left in a crate just below this window.

“I peeked in the closet, I thought maybe they tossed her in there because she was annoying them,” she said.

The dog is a Chinese Crested/Terrier Mix weighing only about six pounds.

Once Alison realized Betty was gone, she says “I called 911. I was like, I was robbed. They took my dog.”

She could not think about anything else including the MacBook, the TV, wine and cameras the crooks also got away with.

“How can you reach into the crate and take a dog which is probably cowering in the corner and crying because she makes these crying noises when she’s scared,” she said.

According to police it happened last Friday. They believe the burglars forced their way into the apartment using a crow bar. Unfortunately, Alison says her neighbors here in the 2000 block of Walnut Street have also fallen victim to burglars recently, but this is the first time the burglars swiped a dog.

“I was numb for a few days, like it just didn’t hit me. I just keep walking around thinking why would this happen? Why would you do this?” she said.

Turns out, Alison has been caring for Betty, a foster dog, a rescue from West Jersey Volunteers for Animals. The organization is now handing out flyers and offering a reward for Betty’s safe return.

As for the investigation, police tell Eyewitness News they have made an arrest in the earlier burglaries but they confirm the search is continuing for this dog-napper. The reward in this case now stands at $500.

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