By Michelle Durham

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Your homeowners insurance covers many things, but would you be covered if a bear wandered onto your property?

It’s not an odd question, but, considering the number of bear sightings we’ve had in South Jersey and the five county Philadelphia area, it should be asked.

“The bear that does damage your home or the vehicle, is covered under your home owners policy or auto insurance policy if you have comprehensive coverage,” says State Farm Insurance Spokesperson Dave Phillips.

That is the same add on coverage that would protect you if a deer struck your vehicle.

“Home owners, you do have coverage for something like this. If the bear starts to attack the exterior of the home, perhaps ripping off siding or causing damage to windows and doors and even gets into the home and causes damage, there would be coverage under the home owners policy for this and it would fall under what would be considered vandalism or malicious mischief,” Phillips explains.

However, he says you would not be covered if you ignored a warning that there were bears in the area, invited guests over to your home and someone was injured as a result of an attack.

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