PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Perhaps Lebron James losing his headband during the latter part of Tuesday night’s NBA Finals Game 6, and his dominant play happening simultaniously was coincidence. Still, the question lingers whether the headband that James has donned for years, will be ditched in the name of good luck for Game 7.

Lebron says he’s keeping it, and the oddsmakers believe him.

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James said at Wednesday’s media availability that he plans to start Game 7 with the headband, but isn’t sure if he’ll put it back on if it falls off. Tim Duncan knocked it off of James’ head on Tuesday night, and James never put it back on.

Bovada released odds on Wednesday that make Lebron James starting Thursday night’s game with a headband, saying that it’s 1/2 odds that he wears it, and 3/2 odds that he does not.

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The Heat are a six point favorite in Thursday’s deciding game, which will be played in Miami.

James scored 32 points, notched 11 rebounds and 10 assists on Tuesday night. The over/under for James points on Thursday is 28.5 rebounds is 9.5, and assists is 7.

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Here is a total list of available bets and odds from Bovada:

San Antonio Spurs        +6                    O 189
Miami Heat                    -6                    U 189
Winning Margin          
San Antonio Spurs to win by 1-2 pts                  11/1
San Antonio Spurs to win by 3-6 pts                  7/1
San Antonio Spurs to win by 7-9 pts                  14/1
San Antonio Spurs to win by 10-13 pts               18/1
San Antonio Spurs to win by 14-16 pts               33/1
San Antonio Spurs to win by 17-20 pts               35/1
San Antonio Spurs to win by 21+ pts                 50/1
Miami Heat to win by 1-2 pts                              10/1
Miami Heat to win by 3-6 pts                              9/2
Miami Heat to win by 7-9 pts                              13/2
Miami Heat to win by 10-13 pts                          11/2
Miami Heat to win by 14-16 pts                          9/1
Miami Heat to win by 17-20 pts                          9/1
Miami Heat to win by 21+ pts                             6/1
Will LeBron James be wearing a headband at tip off of Game 7?    
Yes                   -200     (1/2)
No                    +150     (3/2)
Will the Team that scores first win the Game?
Yes                  -130
No                    EVEN
Will the Team Leading at Halftime Win Game?
Yes                  -325     (4/13)
No                    +250     (5/2)
Will the Game go to Overtime?
Yes                  +900     (9/1)
No                    -1800    (1/18)
Player/Game Stats
Total Points – LeBron James (MIA)                  
Over/Under                   28½
Total Rebounds – LeBron James (MIA)
Over/Under                   9½
Total Assists – LeBron James (MIA)     
Over/Under                   7
Total Turnovers – LeBron James (MIA)
Over/Under                   2½
Total Field Goal % – LeBron James (MIA)        
Over/Under                   52.5%                          
Total Points – Dwyane Wade (MIA)       
Over/Under                   18½
Total Rebounds and Assists – Dwyane Wade (MIA)      
Over/Under                   9½
Total +/- For Dwyane Wade (MIA)         
Over/Under                   7.5
Total Made 3 Point Shots – Mike Miller (MIA)   
Over/Under                   1½
Total Made 3 Point Shots – Ray Allen (MIA)     
Over/Under                   2
Total Made 3 Point Shots – Shane Battier (MIA)           
Over/Under                   1.5
Total Points – Tony Parker (SAN)         
Over/Under                   20½
Total Assists – Tony Parker (SAN)        
Over/Under                   6½
Total Points – Tim Duncan (SAN)         
Over/Under                   18½
Total Rebounds – Tim Duncan (SAN)   
Over/Under                   11½
Total Points – Kawhi Leonard (SAN)    
Over/Under                   12
Total Rebounds – Kawhi Leonard (SAN)           
Over/Under                   8½
Total Points – Manu Ginobili (SAN)      
Over/Under                   13½
Total Assists – Manu Ginobili (SAN)    
Over/Under                   4½
Total +/- For Manu Ginobili (SAN)                   
Over/Under                   5
Total Made 3 Point Shots – Danny Green (SAN)           
Over/Under                   2½
Total Made 3 Point Shots – Gary Neal (SAN)    
Over/Under                   1½