By: Oren Liebermann

MARGATE, N.J., (CBS) -Cleanup is underway after heavy rain caused flooding in shore towns in New Jersey.

The barrier island of Margate looked a lot different Tuesday.

Morning and afternoon storms flooded many of the lower lying streets, turning different blocks into their own islands.

“I had to move my smaller car into the driveway. The water was a foot high all the way down to the next house, but it’s a common occurrence here,” said resident Greg Imperiale.

Imperiale lives on Granville Avenue, a street he says floods all the time during heavy rain.  Of course everyone here remembers the last time it seriously flooded.  Compared to Sandy, Imperiale says this storm was manageable.

“During the storm it took them five days to pump out the school here, and you can see how big the school is. My house was totally destroyed,” he said.

The water was still deep enough to cause some problems.  A car died in the middle of Granville Avenue after trying to plow through a flooded road.

In Bellmawr on I-295, street flooding closed a ramp on the interstate, stranding one car and forcing a tractor trailer to retreat to higher ground.

Back in Margate, resident Paige Robinson says most people here know what to do when it storms.

“Nobody drove it but some people left, like that car over there, it was up to mid-tire,” said Robinson.

“It was really flooded. If a car was parked on the street, it was up to the underneath of their cars, maybe a little higher.”

The receding floodwaters returned the barrier island’s geography to normal and left neighbors here waiting for the next storm to pass through.