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By John McDevitt

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Do you take all of you vacation time? Maybe you want more? There’s a program offered by some companies where unwanted vacation days can be sold to co-workers.

At many companies, you either use your vacation or lose it. Some get more time off than others. And needs vary from person to person. A program like “paid time off” or PTO offers employees a way to buy or sell vacation time.

“You know it’s an interesting concept,” says attorney Lori Armstrong Halber, a partner at employment law firm Fisher & Phillips in Radnor.

“It’s tending that the younger workforce is more interested in having that flexibility. I think we see a tension in the workforce between the sort of middle to older workers who are kind of afraid not to be at work. These are the folks when they go on vacation they take their laptop and their blackberry or their iPhone.”

She says there’s no hard cost to the employer offering PTO so it’s viewed as an efficient, cost-effective way to provide additional benefits to employees.

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