By Paul Kurtz

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Residents studying emergency medicine at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital are playing their own version of a popular TV game to help hone their skills.

A second-floor classroom was buzzing today as four teams played “Jeopardy” with a decidedly medical twist.

“Name two of the three patient complaints in retinal detachment…”

(Bernie Lopez.  Credit: Paul Kurtz)

(Bernie Lopez. Credit: Paul Kurtz)

They play under the watchful eyes of Bernie Lopez, who calls himself “the Alex Trebek of the residency training program.”

Lopez says he’s found that this game show format is a terrific teaching tool.

“It’s great fun for the residents and it’s probably one of the best incentives I’ve ever been able to use to get our residents to really spend the time reading the way that they should,” he says.

They’ve been going at once a month during the academic year.   Today’s round was for the championship, and team three, “The Hori Cremasters” (a cremaster is a delicate name for an indelicate muscle) came away with bragging rights.

(The Hori Cremasters.  Credit: Paul Kurtz)

(The Hori Cremasters. Credit: Paul Kurtz)


“This was the final, this was the grand finale right now,” said one Hori Cremaster member.  “Game, set, match.  And we were the regular-season champs, too, if you want to mention! that We consistently dominated.”

And they plan to remind their colleagues of that all the way into next year.