By Mike Dunn

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — City Council today gave final approval to a bill that limits how minors use tanning salons in Philadelphia.

The final vote came after some last-minute pleas from those on both sides of the issue.

The measure requires a parent to accompany a teenager to a tanning salon, for each and every visit.

Before the final vote, Joseph Levy, with the American Suntanning Association, spoke out against the measure.

“It perhaps unintentionally treats parents like teenagers,” he told councilmembers.  “It requires a parent to accompany a teenager on every single tanning salon session.”

Levy suggested that the bill be revised so that parents should only have to sign for their teens once:

“This change that we would suggest protects the spirit of Councilman Greenlee’s bill without driving business outside of Philadelphia.”

On the other side, Kelly Andrews of the American Cancer Society urged Council to table the measure and instead enact an outright ban on teens using tanning salons.

“The only way to fully protect teens is to prevent minors from using tanning beds altogether,” she said.  “You can help Philadelphia parents and protect our young people by passing a stronger bill.”

The prime sponsor, Councilman Bill Greenlee (see related story), said the approach of the current bill is a fair compromise.

“We think this is a good middle ground: the parent accompanies the child to each session, so he or she can see the effects each time.”

And his colleagues agreed, approving the measure unanimously and sending it on to the mayor for his signature.