PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – A former Philadelphia police officer, once hailed as a hero, has been arrested and charged with raping two women.

According to police, Richard DeCoatsworth was at a party at a confidential location and came in contact with the two women at about 2 a.m. Thursday.

Police say at the end of the party the two women left with DeCoatsworth, who took them to another private location.

Allegedly, at the second location, DeCoatsworth pulled out a handgun and forced the two women to use drugs and perform sexual acts.

Investigators say when the suspect left the women called police to report what had happened to them.

Police say DeCoastworth was arrested Saturday morning at his Port Richmond home and charged with sexual assault, rape, terroristic threats and related charges.

He was arraigned Saturday night.

DeCoatsworth rose to acclaim as a rookie in 2007 when he took a shotgun blast to the face during a car stop, but still managed to chase down suspects as they fled. He was honored and invited to President Obama’s inaugural address in 2009 where he sat with Michelle Obama.

He retired from the force in 2011 following an incident where he was accused of using excessive force for shooting a motorcyclist in the leg (see related story).

In 2012, DeCoatsworth was taken to court by a neighbor who said he was threatened by the suspect and feared for his and his mother’s life (see related story).

He is being held on $60 million bail.

DeCoatsworth is expected to appear in court for a preliminary hearing next month.