By Tony Romeo

HARRISBURG (CBS) — The state Senate majority leader says a budget that’s turned out to be tougher than expected could affect the chances to complete several other major initiatives sought by Governor Corbett before lawmakers recess for the summer.

Last week, Governor Corbett officially rolled out a proposal he considers a top priority.

It addressed the ballooning pension obligations for state employees and teachers.

Of the three big ticket items in play, besides the budget, pension reform seems to be the least likely to get done before summer recess.

And revenue projections are sagging.

Chester Republican Dominic Pileggi is the Senate majority leader.

He says the budget may chew up a lot of time between now and then.

“Getting the budget done is going to be much more difficult than I think we believed it would be in February,” Pileggi said.

Beyond that, Pileggi believes transportation funding is the issue farthest along in the Senate, followed by reform of liquor sales.

As for the House’s top priority besides the budget, the House majority leader says it passed a liquor bill in March and that speaks for itself.

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