PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Hundreds of Philadelphia School District students took to the streets Thursday afternoon to protest proposed budget cuts.

Students from several Philadelphia high schools began their protest outside City Hall at about 12:30 p.m. The students, carrying signs, then made their way to the School District building on Broad Street. (See Related Story)

The students called it a peaceful walkout and said they were doing the protest in hopes of getting the money back that they say was taken from them.

Earlier in the day Thursday, Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter spoke about the school budget crisis at Jackson Elementary School in South Philadelphia.
Nutter said he’ll present a package of proposals in a week or so to raise $60 million for city schools.

Nutter said he’s been talking with City Council president Darrell Clarke about ways to raise $60 million on the city side, including raising the liquor-by-the-drink tax.

School District officials say it needs $120 million more in state money.