By Mike Dunn

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Mayor Nutter and Schools Chief William Hite will rally this morning at a South Philadelphia public school in support of extra city and state money for the cash-starved school district. Meanwhile, aides to the mayor are clarifying how he wants to raise the city’s portion.

Today’s rally includes not only Mayor Nutter and Superintendent Hite, but also SRC chairman Pedro Ramos and several state legislators who support the increased funding. Hite and Ramos want $60-million more from the city and twice that amount from Harrisburg.

Nutter’s Finance Director Rob Dubow confirms that the Administration opposes tapping into property taxes for the city’s share.

“We support the $60-million. But we don’t support property taxes to get the $60-million.”

The mayor does support a hike in the liquor-by-the-drink tax to raise $22-million. Nutter has not said how he proposes raising the remaining $38 million. Some on council favor boosting a business tax called the Use and Occupancy Tax.