By Spike Eskin

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Dave Reynolds has promoted some of the biggest bands in the world, for some of the biggest record labels. He spent two years on tour with Justin Bieber. But his most important accomplishment might just have happened in the bathroom.

Reynolds and his partner have invented what they hope will keep people safe, and get them back to bed in a timely fashion, glow in the dark toilet seats.

“Sometimes, I look at this story, and I think ‘this could only happen to me,” Reynolds said of the moment he realized he needed the lit seat. “One night, it’s pitch dark, I don’t want to wake anyone up, I don’t want to turn the light on because I’m afraid I’m not going to fall back to sleep. I can’t use a flashlight. And again, I admit this, and I’ve admitted this to my friends and all that, you know, I sit down to go to the bathroom at night. It’s purely for safety reasons, it’s purely out of respect.”

I’m not here to judge, so I let Dave continue his story.

“I remember going to lean back, and I clipped the side of the toilet, I missed it, all I remember is crashing into the wall and falling and landing in the bathtub,” Reynolds said. “I woke up the next day and I can’t move, my whole right side is all banged up and bruised, and my wife goes ‘what happened?” And I go ‘I think I fell off the toilet seat last night.'”

That’s when Reynolds called a college friend named Tim Fittler, and hatched the idea for Night Glow Seats. Fiddler released a glow-in-the-dark toilet seat in the early 2000’s, but it was a novelty item not meant for every day use.

“Purely for safety reasons,” was why Reynolds says he and Fittler felt they needed to make the seats a reality. “Old people, little kids, just safety reasons.”

Reynolds, who lives in New Hope, has worked for Universal Records, Virgin Records, and Island Records, but has not designed any home goods in the past.

“We decided these things would glow all night, they wouldn’t be cheap. They’re very high quality seats, the same high quality seats you buy anywhere when you buy a toilet seat,” Reynolds said. “The money we’re spending to create these, it’s the top of the line, best thing you can do with yourselves.

The seats retail for $49.99, and glow in either blue, or green, depending on what you’d like your night time bathroom to look like. And during the day?

“It’s white, it’s a white seat. It takes in the light all day long, and when it gets dark and you walk into the room [it glows],” Reynolds said.

“It’s a great product, and hey, does it really hurt you if it glows? Do you really want your grandma to fall down because the lighting wasn’t right? Or for a little kid, who is just learning to get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom on their own?” Reynolds said.

“It’s a bathroom lighthouse, at the end of the day.”

You can buy your own glow in the dark toilet seat at