PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – The 13th Street Empire is expanding a block.

This summer, Chef Marcie Turney and Valerie Safran plan to open a casual Italian eatery at 1234 Locust Street called Little Nonna’s.

According to the duo, the new restaurant was inspired by “red sauce” family-owned ristorantes of Italian immigrants.

As always, diners can expect Turney’s typically delicious interpretations of Italian-American dishes, such as a Seafood Salad in “crazy water” with heirloom tomato and cherry bomb poppers; or Big Mama’s Meatballs, which are made of house-ground meat and served over polenta or with red gravy. There will also be a fully stocked bar with a wine list and creative cocktails.

And if you have a favorite recipe, you’re encouraged to share it – Chef Turney will be “crowd-sourcing” recipes throughout the year, and guests who eat at Little Nonna’s can write their best down on recipe cards that will be provided on each table.

Currently, Turney and Safran’s businesses include restaurants Barbuzzo, Lolita and Jamonera as well as a gourmet food market, Grocery, and two boutiques, Open House and Verde.