By Jim Melwert, Jenn Bernstein

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A 34-year-old man is in critical-but-stable condition after he was shot in Society Hill Monday night. Police say robbery was the motive.

This is the latest in a handful of shootings in one of the nicest parts of the city. The shooting happened on Lawrence Court, near 4th and Pine in Society Hill around 10 o’clock last night.

Neighbors say they rushed to help after they heard the shot.

“Unfortunately I knew that sound pretty well because November of 2011, there was a shooting right on this corner too. So I called 911 back then, and tonight I called 911 again, it’s becoming an unfortunate routine in our neighborhood.”

Investigators say the suspects stole the victim’s iPhone. Investigators confirm the victim in Monday night’s shooting was a pharmacist at a nearby CVS.

Dr. David Harwitz was washing dishes in his home nearby when he heard a sound, which he would found out minutes later, was gunfire.

One of his neighbors pounded on his door, knowing he is medically trained as a child psychiatrist.

“Turns out we know the victim, pretty well. He’s a well regarded member of the community,” said Harwitz. “He was awake, he was alert. We just put pressure on his wound and then rode to the hospital with him.”

Harwitz said everyone in the neighborhood is thinking of the victim, who is well liked.

“He’s someone that people have very warm feelings about and I know are really wishing well for [him].”

Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey says they’ll work to see if there’s a pattern to the crimes.

“We’ll certainly look into it to find out if there’s one individual responsible, two individuals – is this just a location where some of these go to find what they consider to be easy targets?”

In addition to the November 2011 shooting, in July last year, a man was shot and killed in a robbery around the corner at 4th and Lombard.