NEW YORK, NY (CBS) – Technology might be the future, but when it comes to learning, most students prefer taking classes the old fashioned way.

According to a new study from the Teachers College at Columbia University, the vast majority of students in community college would rather take their classes in person as opposed to online.

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The study interviewed dozens of students who took a mix of classes – some online, some face-to-face – to see if they would want to take more classes online or continue to learn in a traditional classroom setting.

While students appreciated the flexibility of taking certain courses online, the study demonstrated that educators might be overestimating the demand for online courses.

Students overwhelmingly responded that they preferred taking classes they thought would be difficult face-to-face rather than online, specifically citing math and science courses as examples.

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Furthermore, the study showed that students preferred to take classes considered important or courses within their major in person, and they felt that certain subjects like languages, public speaking and counseling were unsuited to an online setting.

Overall, the study demonstrates that colleges would be wise to stick to the old school methods of educating students.

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