OCEAN CITY, N.J. (CBS) — Crews have pulled a tow boat from the water that sank off the coast of South Jersey, but the captain of the vessel remains missing.

The 45-foot Cape Hatteras was raised Sunday, five days after it sank off the coast of Ocean City. The boat, with 32-year-old Dave McAuliffe aboard, was reported missing Tuesday morning after the U.S. Coast Guard received a distress alert from the vessel. Officials say there was no response to cell phone or radio calls (Read related story).

McAuliffe left Farley State Marina at 7:45 that morning, heading to Somers Point, but he never arrived. The Coast Guard conducted a search by air and sea for two days, covering 400 square miles, but it was called off Wednesday night (Read related story).

The ship was located Thursday night upside down, just south of the Great Egg Harbor inlet (Read related story).

There was no word on when or if the search for McAuliffe would resume.