By Cherri Gregg

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Today is the final day of National Volunteer Week, a time when nonprofits and social service agencies say thank you to the thousands who serve their community.

This afternoon at the anti-hunger agency Philabundance, they were showing a little gratitude to their volunteers.

Philabundance uses about 16,000 volunteers each year to sort and pack food.  Every month hundreds help pack more than 10,000 boxes of food for senior citizens.

So this week, they honored 500 of their laborers of love.

“Without our volunteers, we couldn’t put food out into the community,” says Marlo DelSordo, spokesperson, “so we are really rolling out the red carpet. We have signage thanking them, we are giving them sunglasses, little ID holders, little keepsakes.”

Dunkin Donuts also provided free refreshments.

But the appreciation also included a little work.

“My job is to sort through the food that has been donated and get rid of anything that is going bad or going to expire,” said Amanda, 16.  She was one of several dozen volunteers from Pennington School who spent their afternoon sorting and packing food boxes for those in need.

But this sophomore says she didn’t volunteer for the coffee and donuts.

“I have always been fortunate to have a meal on the table,” she says.  “I cannot imagine not having food, so it’s just a really fullfilling experience. I feel really lucky to be able to help anyone I can.”