By Spike Eskin

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Donovan McNabb won’t stop talking about his legacy in Philadelphia. Eagles fans won’t stop talking about Donovan McNabb. This really seems like a recipe for stories like this one to surface once a year or so for the rest of our lives.

So be it.

McNabb appeared on WFAN New York’s Boomer and Carton Show on Tuesday, and the topic of whether or not he threw up in the Super Bowl came up.

“I really don’t know. I really don’t know,” McNabb said when asked how the story started. “When you go through a game you get tired, but I did not throw up in the game. I got slammed on my helmet a couple of times, but you continue to go play football and I think as a quarterback, you’re gonna go through times you get hit in the mouth or you get dumped down, but you got to get back up and keep playing. It’s unfortunate that that question has to come up all the time, and I give the same answer.”

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As usual, McNabb did not stop there.

“It’s one that, I think, anytime something toward to me is to try to make yourself look good, you make yourself look stupid,” he said. “So I love when people continue to bring my name up, because obviously it keeps me relevant. People talking about you and even thinking about you.”

McNabb, even given the polarizing view Eagles fans have of him, is generally considered to be the best quarterback in the team’s history. With every passing day and interview, it gets harder to remember how he played, because of how much he talks about it.

“I think my legacy is what it is. It’s about the wins, it’s about the playoff appearances, the Super Bowl appearances, it’s about the numbers that I put and that’s what everyone else gets measured by,” McNabb said. ” When you look at a decade full of going to the playoffs, how far will we go, instead of kind of the who’s who of how many wins will we get. I’ve played with the likes of Terrell Owens, everyone knows that story, but everything on defense has big names. Nobody on the offense—people can sit there and pick out names. I mean, Jon Runyan who’s doing great things right now, Tra Thomas—I’ve played with great offensive lineman, but it’s about your wins and losses and that’s, I think, what should be measured by as a quarterback in this league.”

I’ll see you in about six months when he talks about it all again.

Donovan, as a fan and fellow Syracuse alumni, I plead with you, stop talking about it.

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