By Tony Romeo

HARRISBURG (CBS)  —  The state Senate has sent the House a bill that would allow Pennsylvania residents to register on-line to vote.

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The bill is sponsored by Senate Republican Lloyd Smucker, he says folks can already complete other state tasks on-line, such as vehicle registration renewal.

Smucker says, “and so I began to ask the question, Why couldn’t we do voter registration?”

It turns out that the big technological challenge is the need for a signature on the registration form for poll workers to compare when you sign in to vote.

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Erik Arneson is a spokesman for the Senate majority leader.

The on-line registration system would have to be linked to other state agencies that already have your signature, Arneson says, “for example, PennDOT with a driver’s license or a photo ID.”

If there’s no signature elsewhere in the system, you’d still have to fill out a form and sign it.

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The bill goes to the House where its future is not certain right now.