By Lynne Adkins


PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Today is World Voice Day, time to learn how to treat yours better.

If you work in a classroom, a courtroom, or even in radio, your voice is an essential tool that can be damaged if you’re not careful.

(Dr. Joseph Spiegel.  Photo provided)

(Dr. Joseph Spiegel. Photo provided)

Dr. Joseph Spiegel (right), medical director of the Voice and Swallowing Center at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, suggests using that indoor voice, “trying not to strain the voice if you don’t have to.  So instead of talking louder and louder, try to control the situation so you don’t have to talk as loudly.  Rest your voice if you start to notice your voice getting hoarse or feeling strained.”

If your voice sounds groggy first thing in the morning, he notes, it could be from overnight dehydration or even acid reflux.  Drinking more water and eating earlier in the evening could help.

Another tip to help your voice, he advises, is don’t smoke: it can cause inflammation of the vocal cords.