By Lynne Adkins

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Local surgeons are using a new tool for certain cataract procedures.

Millions of Americans require cataract surgery every year and Dr. Mark Blecher, co-Director of Cataract and Primary Eye Care at Wills Eye Institute, says most are done with ultra sound, sound waves.

He’s adding a computer guided laser which uses light waves. He says there are benefits for patients.

“It allows us to use the precision of a laser in certain steps in the cataract surgery and in many cases decreasing the chances of a complication and doing things more precisely; so making more precise incisions, softening up the cataracts so we have to use less ultra sound energy to remove it,” Dr. Blecher explains.

He says it also helps give the patient clearer vision because the cataract implant fits better in the eye.

The down side is using this technology is expensive.