By John Ostapkovich

By John Ostapkovich

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – The author of Rich Dad/Poor Dad is back with a new book to start a generational dialog about money.

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Why “A” Students work for “C” Students is by Robert Kiyosaki who says the answer to “why” is that “A” students learn to do a job, “C” students, who may have to try harder, learn about money.

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“Education system is obsolete. It’s training the kids for a time that no longer exists. It’s teaching subjects that are irrelevant and, worst of all, students are coming out of school mired in student loan debt,” says Kiyosaki.

He says the rich succeed by knowing the rules of the game.

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“You know how debt and taxes make the poor and middle class poorer. Debt and taxes make the rich richer,” briefly, because the rich use debt to buy assets, and the tax code to their advantage. The poor and middle class buy stuff with debt, and pay taxes full price, says Kiyosaki.