By Larry Kane

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – It’s really a case of positioning between Congresswoman Allyson Schwartz and Pennsylvania Treasurer Rob McCord. The very early front runners in Campaign 2014 are taking steps, some of them intriguing.

Both have hired Communications Directors for possible runs. Both are raising money, but for their current campaign committees, which can be transferred later if they run. Schwartz has released a poll funded by her supporters showing her leading McCord, but the poll has a lot of people in it who may not run and does not include Montgomery County Commission Chair Josh Shapiro, who is remaining close to the vest about running for Governor.

Usually, a poll like this is designed to discourage other candidates from entering the race, but a source in McCord’s inner circle says McCord is in it to stay.

One long shot is Katie McGinty, former Environmental Secretary for Governor Ed Rendell, who is supporting McGinty. McGinty would appeal to the same constituency as Schwartz.

It’s getting interesting.