By Lauren Lipton

PHILADELPHIA (CBS)  —  It really is one big party when the Philadelphia Science Festival opens on April 18th.

Gerri Trooskin is from the Franklin Institute, and she’s the executive director of the Science Festival.

She says,  while at the festival you can experience the Science of Spicy Foods.  “They’ll be talking about different chili peppers and they’ll be debunking some of the myths of how you quell that heat.”

She also says, you can learn about the science of honey.  “Different bees create honey that’s darker or lighter, or richer, because of the plants that they’re feeding on,  so if it’s avocado, it’s gonna taste different than if they’re feeding on lilies.”

There is a post-mortem science theme at  the Laurel Hill Cemetery.

It’s called “The Morgue, the Merrier.”  It’s all about body breakdown, followed by a zombie night party.

Even the Phillies are getting in on the fun, there will be a Science Day at the Ballpark.

The Phillies will actually be talking about the science of the different pitches along with many other activities.

Beth Beverly is the local star of AMC’s reality show “Taxidermy Exposed” is showing off some of her creations.

Trooskin  says, “she had a hat on the other night that was a bird resting on this part of her head.  We ended up picking up some of the animals from her and one of my colleagues was walking down Chestnut Street with a blue suede pillow with a taxidermy chicken on it.  People were staring at her like crazy.”

Listen to the extended interview with Gerri Trooskin  in this CBS Philly podcast (runs 14:20)…

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