WHITEMARSH TOWNSHIP, Pa. (CBS) – A Montgomery County town is warning residents about an influx of–get ready for this—gypsies.

Yes, the township has posted an official crime alert on its website from the Whitemarsh Police Department.

The statement warns residents that “Pennsylvania and the surrounding area have recently had an influx of transient or “Gypsy” activity. Transients are roaming thieves who prey on the uninformed and unsuspecting residents, particularly (but not always exclusively) the elderly. While their crimes vary, often times they portray themselves as driveway sealant or asphalt contractors or home roof repairmen or handymen. They approach residents trying to make a deal for the work using numerous different ploys.”

Police are also advising residents not to “fall for the sales pitch” and say that those who believe they may have been scammed by “a transient criminal” should call police immediately.