By Melony Roy

By Melony Roy

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – A Fishtown man has started an anti-cyber bullying movement that’s gone viral.

The Syboll is a simple gesture, where you make a “kissy face” along with the sign language symbol for love. It’s the trade mark gesture of a Fishtown man named Syboll that inspired an anti-bullying movement he’s calling “SybollNation.”

“This really affects everybody not just what you think would be a typical kid that would get teased. It’s also adults, a lot of parents are being bullied at work or even in their own homes, still by their brothers and sisters.”

Syboll — who says he was bullied as a child — has advice for dealing with cyber bullies.

“To not respond to it at all and if you have to turn your computer off for as long as you have to till it’s over. It will pass but the best thing to do is to not feed into it because you are just giving them power and that’s what they’re after.”

Syboll has over 4,000 Facebook friends and more than 2,500 pictures of people “doing the Syboll” ranging in age from five months to 95-years-old. There are also YouTube videos with over 100,000 hits.