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The metal roofing revolution continues to spread to homeowners in PA, NJ, and DE with new styles of the time-tested and proven metal roof material.  Metal roofing outperforms shingle roofing in every aspect from life expectancy to energy efficiency and even resistance to mold and mildew. But what about homeowners looking for the traditional look of shingle, shake or tile? Now metal roofing, the most versatile roof on the market, has the answer backed by a 50 year warranty!

Metal Shingle Roofing

The average asphalt shingle roof in America is replaced every 18 years whereas metal roofing is designed to last 50 years or more. Metal shingle roofing is the ideal roof for homeowners looking for a durable roof without the maintenance and headaches of traditional asphalt. Check out this metal shingle roof, with clean lines and metal valleys that add protection and longevity to your roof.

Metal Shingle Roofing PA

Metal Shake Roofing

Cedar shakes add a rustic look to any home but they can cost you thousands of dollars in maintenance every 3 years. Metal shake roofing offers the look of hand split cedar shakes with additional benefits such as a class A fire rating and class A impact resistance against hail and falling trees. Metal shakes can transform any roof into the roof of your dreams backed by a 50 year warranty!

Metal Shake Roofiing PA

Metal Tile Roofing

Ever wanted to live in a Mediterranean style villa? Now you can with Metal Tile Roofing! Concrete tiles also known as Spanish Tiles are extremely expensive and make it impossible for the average homeowner to ever have them installed. Metal tile changes that, with easy interlocking panels that look so real, you will think you moved to Italy. 

Metal Tile Roofing PA

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