By Jim Melwert

By Jim Melwert

PHILADELPHIA (CBS)  —   The possibility of getting in a car accident jumps significantly the Monday after Daylight Saving time.  Experts say it’s a combination of drowsy driving and an extra hour of darkness.

Not only did we lose an hour of sleep this weekend, it will also be dark for an extra hour in the morning, which means many school kids could be waiting for the bus in the dark.

Collegeville Boro Police officer Tim Kennedy says,  this morning, parents should remind their children  to be more aware of cars as they head out this morning.

Kennedy says, “it’s recommend that you stand back from the curb while you’re waiting for the school bus, if you have to cross the street, allow plenty of distance as you’re crossing the street, again the drivers aren’t going to be used to seeing that environment, it’s going to be a little darker.”

Officer Kennedy also says, when the sun comes up, many drivers who aren’t used to dealing with sun-glare may have that sun right in their eyes as they drive to work.

He says stop and clean your windshield, especially after all the salt that was on the roads last week.