By Lauren Lipton

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — It’s like the Auto Show or the Flower Show, but for scientists!

Thousands of people will be coming from around the world to Philadelphia later this month for the world’s premiere annual conference and exposition on laboratory science.

(Bonnie Grant.  Credit: Ed Fischer)

(Bonnie Grant. Credit: Ed Fischer)

“When these kinds of conventions come to town, the expo floor is an amazing place to see medical equipment, the operating rooms of the future, the research of the future,” notes Bonnie Grant (right), executive director of the Greater Philadelphia Life Sciences Congress.

“We’re a city of medical history,” she says.  “We have the first hospital, the first medical school, the first children’s hospital, the first medical library, and so much more.”

The Pittcon conference (which started in a Pittsburgh hotel in 1950) is put together by volunteers, and Philadelphia gets more out of it than just visitors.

“Pittcon is unique in that they are leaving a legacy behind for the city of Philadelphia.  The money that they raise goes directly to science education,” Grant tells Positively Philadelphia.

Many local teachers and students will also get to see some amazing things.

(File photo provided)

(File photo provided)


“There’s a lot of collaboration and vibrance and excitement that goes on.  When we expose students to that, they get an interest in science.  It’s a dream come true for everyone.  And a convention like this, it means that science education will be living on in our city after the convention leaves.”

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