By John Ostapkovich

By John Ostapkovich

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Tonight’s premier of the Peter Pan musical at Cherry Hill High School East brings new meaning to the term “in the wings.”

You can do Peter Pan without on-stage flying or fighting with metal swords, says producer/director Tom Weaver, but not with these performers.

“Pushing the envelope a little bit is not something that is unusual at this high school.  We really do work the kids, not only very hard during the course of the week, but I think down deep inside they love the show-biz, part of it, the P.T. Barnum spectacular part of it.”

A lot of that falls to junior Sarah Sosland, a co-Peter Pan, who spends the whole show in a harness, ready to be hoisted into the air.

“At first it was pretty painful.  You’re kind of being yanked up by your entire body, but after a while it becomes easier and the bruises go away and it just becomes fun.”

Co-Hook, junior Dylan Rebok, says he knew a little about stage sword-fighting, “But not as much as we’re doing now with all the lunges and its — I mean it’s crazy doing it in a show.  It’s a lot different than learning basic skills.”

Peter Pan runs for six shows. Click here for more information.

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