By Ukee Washington

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A Bucks County teen has created a whole new website for social causes.

At Pennsbury High School in Bucks County, a group of students is doing math, figuring out how to pay for a week’s worth of meals on the salary assigned.

“One of the groups has a really high income, whereas the other group has lower side, toward the minimum wage,” explained Ashvika Dhir.

This isn’t a class. It’s the afterschool UNICEF club, started by 16-year-old Ashvika.

Teacher and UNICEF advisor Debbie Weston said, “She always has activities for the kids to do and she — the kids love her.”

The teens here are all interested in making the world a better place. Bailey Young, a junior, said, “There are more people struggling than you realize, and it’s always nice to lend a hand any way you can .”

Ashvika “found that they weren’t sure where to go to find different causes, or something that they wanted to get involved with, or something they were passionate about.”

So Ashvika created a place for that online. It’s called CauseHub.

“I came up with the idea of having different pages and blogs and using the internet again to connect people,” said Ashvika.

On CauseHub, teens and young adults talk about causes they care about, from helping animals to fighting hunger to ending substance abuse. Ashvika had a special reason to get involved. Her family is from India, and her trips there gave her insight into world poverty.

Nisha Dhir, Ashvika’s mother, said, “In India, it’s easily to be forgotten if you’re the underserved or the poor. She was touched by that and wanted to help out in ways that she could.”

Ashvika said, “I hope that it can expand further and reach out to more people so that way, they can be connected to people just like them.”

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