By Molly Daly

By Molly Daly

PHILADELPHIA (CBS)  —  Laurel Hill Cemetery is looking to scare up some volunteers with a knack for public speaking.

The historic Victorian cemetery is holding a tour guide training workshop on March 16th.

The proverb “Dead men tell no tales” doesn’t hold true at Laurel Hill.

Among the 70 thousand ‘residents’ there are politicians, generals, architects and astronomers, along with ordinary people, all with countless stories to tell.

Volunteer Coordinator Emma Stern says that’s where you come in.

She says, “as Laurel Hill expands its programming each year, we add more events to the calendar, and have a need for more tour guides.”

So, the National Historic Landmark is looking for volunteers from a wide range of backgrounds to bring the stories of the dead to life.

Stern also says, “We have professors, we have artists, nature enthusiasts and Civil War re-enactors.”

The workshop includes lunch and a tour of the cemetery.

You can register by March 2nd by visiting the Events page at