By Erika von Tiehl

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PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The new uniform at work is jeans — not on construction sites, but in offices.

And not just on casual Friday either.

But as 3 On Your Side and Erika Von Tiehl reports, you can’t just wear any old jeans to the office.

Sarah Borelli, a social media specialist, is wearing jeans to the office even though it’s not Friday.

“We are at the point where jeans are normal at the workplace,” says Borelli.

In a world where fewer and fewer men wear a tie to work, attitudes are definitely changing.

“I don’t need to dress up every day to feel confident in what I do,” says Borelli. “I am already confident in my job.”

Whether you are a woman or a man, you have to dress with sense. It’s not okay to wear your yard-work jeans to work. There are office rules to looking well-dressed in denim.

The first rule is to avoid light colored jeans.

“A dark, clean wash, you know, no crazy fade, dark stitching,” recommends Meredith Albert of Charlie’s Jean in Philadelphia. “And that way, it’s almost replacing a dress pant.”

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The next rule is style, and that means no ripped jeans!

Albert likes a stiletto boot-cut jean style for professionals.

“It’s very slim through the leg and kicks out to a little boot cut at the bottom,” she explains.

Just as important as looking good is finding a comfortable all-day fit.

A mid-rise is a great place for women to feel comfortable, not exposed, and the jeans stay secure around the waist,” says Albert.

What about those popular skinny jeans?

“A skinny jean is most appropriate for going in a boot, it’s really designed for that,” says Philadelphia fashion designer Sebastian McCall. “It doesn’t bag around the knee and start climbing out of the boot.”

As for the overall look, Albert says pair the jeans with a button-down shirt, a sweater or a blazer, because you can do anything with jeans nowadays.

And that look works for men too!

Finally, don’t skimp on price. Fashion experts say consider a pair of jeans as a long-term investment in your wardrobe.

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