PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – One Philadelphia restaurant will soon find out if local diners have a hunger for horse meat. Chefs at Monsu, located at 9th and Christian Streets, are adding it to the menu.

The chefs say they first ate horse meat in Italy where it’s more common and they loved it, so now they want to serve it up to their customers.

The Obama Administration lifted a ban on slaughtering horses for human consumption back in 2011.

Monsu chef Patrick McAndrews says he already has his dishes lined up:

“I plan to try to introduce it in smaller portions, like in an appetizer and/or pasta dish. I think it will be a little more acceptable to have a small piece of it as opposed to a great T-bone of horse meat.”

McAndrews adds he’s not worried about a backlash. He says if Philadelphia doesn’t buy the dishes containing horse meat they’ll take it off the menu.