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To Elongate the Neck:

  • Use bronzer to highlight one’s collar bones
  • Contour entire jaw bone, creating a shadow to separate the chin from the neck
  • Use foundation to create a rectangle in the center of one’s neck, and then blend with pressed powder

To Slim Nose:

  • Use either concealer or a highlighter to contour the nose-do this by creating a triangular shape in between eyebrows
  • Draw a straight line down the center of the nose
  • Use concealer under one’s eyes to create a straight line from inner eye down to the side of the nose. Follow up and fill in another triangular shape to the outside of the eye, and repeat on the other side.
  • Draw a rectangular shape in center of the chin to complete the look

Create Profound Cheekbones:

  • Start by contouring the hollow of one’s check with either bronzer or foundation-make sure the foundation or bronzer is two shades darker than one’s natural color
  • Apply bronzer or foundation in an upward natural motion across the cheek and towards the top of one’s ear
  • On top of one’s cheek use a warm pink blush
  • Highlight jaw line with concealer to complete the look

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