By Mike Dunn

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – The owner of the Pottsville, Pa.-based Yuengling Brewery is going public with his objections to a tax lawsuit filed against his firm by the City of Philadelphia (see related story).

Dick Yuengling appeared Wednesday on the Chris Stigall Show, on radio station WPHT, to take issue with the city’s claims. City officials last week filed suit against the brewery for more than $6 million in back business taxes.

But Yuengling said he has no operations in Philadelphia, and that the local distributor who buys his beer is already paying the appropriate taxes.

“We’re not located in Philadelphia, and our wholesaler pays the business privilege tax down there, as do the retailers, the redistributors and/or the barrooms — the retail takeout venues. So how many times do they want to tax the consumer?” Yuengling asked.

And he says the consumer is taxed in every case because ultimately the tax burden is passed onto the final purchaser.

A spokesman for the mayor said he could not comment on the case.