By Brad Segall

By Brad Segall

WHITEMARSH, Pa. (CBS) – Pennsylvania’s newest winery is located in Montgomery County and even though they’ve only been producing wine for about five years, they just won a very prestigious award they hope will put them on the map.

Tucked along Skippack Pike in Whitemarsh is the 240 acre Karamoor Farm, now home to a winery that’s producing dry Bordeaux-style wines, the type of wine that philanthropists Nicholas and Athena Karabots enjoy.

She says her husband started getting frustrated because the crops on the farm were money losers, “and he decided and said ‘well you know what perhaps we should do something fun. If we’re going to lose money, let’s lose money big time and when things get bad, we come into the winery and we sit and enjoy our wine.’”

The vineyards at Karamoor Farms in Whitemarsh, Pa. (Credit: Brad Segall)

The vineyards at Karamoor Farm in Whitemarsh, Pa. (Credit: Brad Segall)

They planted nearly 20 acres of vines and Nicholas Karabots says there aren’t many good real Pennsylvania wines.

“We wanted to do some Northern Italian wines, but we’re not in the right parallel with Northern Italy here, so Bordeaux though works here and the wines are very dry and this is what we love.”

And less than a year after their first wines went to market, Karamoor’s 2008 Meritage picked up the overall top prize this month at the Pennsylvania Farm Show wine competition.

Their wines can be found in some Wine and Spirits Stores, through direct marketing and more restaurants in the area are jumping on board.