By Tony Romeo

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Governor Corbett’s office now says he’ll wait till he delivers his budget address to roll out his transportation funding plan, but that he’s still on track to announce his liquor privatization proposal before then.

The governor had indicated that proposals on both transportation funding and privatizing state liquor stores were imminent, but spokeswoman Kelli Roberts says transportation will have to wait for his budget address a week from this coming Tuesday.

“Obviously, leading up to the budget address, sometimes we can get very busy,” she said. “So unfortunately, [he] wasn’t able to fit in a roll out event before.”

Spokesman Erik Shirk, however, says Corbett’s liquor store proposal remains on schedule.

“The governor has said, obviously, that he is in favor of full privatization of the liquor system in Pennsylvania, and we can expect an announcement sometime before the budget address which is February 5th.”

Yet another spokesperson says the governor’s likely contentious proposal on reforming state worker pensions is expected to come as part of the budget address or shortly after.