By Spike Eskin

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Jrue Holiday could be named to the NBA All-Star team for the first time tonight. The Sixers have been playing poorly, and have lost eight of their last ten games. So naturally, the first thing to talk to him about should be Tim Tebow.

Michael Barkann and Ike Reese were in the middle of a conversation about the quarterback when Jrue Holiday called into their 94WIP show on Thursday. So they asked him, “yay or nay,” on Tim Tebow.

“I mean, how can you not [like him] though? His trophies. I guess everybody says he’s not a quarterback, but when he’s played quarterback even for the Broncos, he’s won games which is all that matters,” Holiday said. “I don’t know man, it’s about winning games right? I’m not saying skill wise he’s the best one, but he got the wins. Well, he used to get the wins.”

The reserves for the NBA All-Star team will be announced tonight, and Holiday has a real shot to be one of them. Though the Sixers are struggling, he’s taken a big step this season, leading the team in scoring (19.0 PPG) and assists (9.0 APG). The team has played four games without him, and lost all four.

So is Holiday nervous about tonight’s announcement?

“A little bit. I guess it’s kind of hitting me a little bit,” Holiday said. “Man, that’s a blessing man. I mean, not many people get to say they’re an all-star. I think Andre [Iguodala] was the last one, but before that it might have been who? AI [Allen Iverson]? From Philly. I’m just trying to represent.”

After starting the season playing relatively well, the Sixers have fallen apart, both offensively and defensively.

“Man, I just think we need to slow down a little bit. I know the schedule has been kind of crazy, but this home stand right here, we just need to put a winning streak together. I think we’ve won one, lost one, we’ve done that too many times. Once we get a winning streak together we’ll get familiar with winning,” Holiday said.

The big changes this season were the subtractions of Lou Williams, Elton Brand, and Andre Iguodala, and of course the addition of Andrew Bynum. Bynum hasn’t played a game yet for the Sixers, but has hinted at an All-Star break return. It might be the only thing that can save this Sixers season.

“I think [adding Bynum would be] a world of a difference,” Holiday said.  “He’s, if not the best big man in the league, so that’s just automatic buckets. Especially being with the Lakers, he does what he does. He gets rebounds, blocks shots, alters shots, and makes everything around the basket. I mean, people talk about how we lose by a deficit of ten points, that’s an easy ten points right there.”