By Dr. Marciene Mattleman

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Students who apply to college will tell you that they don’t like the SATs. But the surprise is that David Coleman doesn’t like them either. He’s the president of the College Board.

Coleman comments on the essay portion of the test – you write what you like, an opinion, no facts. He says that he’s all for creativity and innovation; but writing for the demands of college and careers must be precise, accurate and drawing on evidence.

As for vocabulary, he says the exams are “famous for words you will never use again…probably never seen before and probably never shall.” He wants to use language with utility, which you need to know, like transport, deliberate, hypothesize and align the SAT with college and the world of work.

To change the SAT will require the trustees and college partners to agree but Coleman’s background organizing reform organizations provides confidence that he can do it.

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