By Dr. Marciene Mattleman

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – The birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr. has become a national day of service and the website of the US Bureau of Labor Statistics provides interesting information.

Approximately 64.3 million people, 16 and over, volunteered in the year ending September 2011, the last year from which data are available. The volunteer rate for women increased to 29.3%; the rate for men changed little. Those 35-44 and 45-54 years were most likely volunteers; those of both sexes spent a median of 51 hours in volunteer work.

Young people in their early 20s were least likely to volunteer. Married persons volunteered more than unmarrieds and parents volunteered more than those without children. People with higher levels of education were most engaged with 42.4% of college grads volunteering.

Volunteering for religious organizations decreased with higher education levels while educational and youth service increased.

In the spirit of the holiday, think of “giving back.”

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