By Hadas Kuznits

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – In recent years, one method of creating a family has gotten more and more attention.

TJ Henderson’s Center City company, Surrogate Services International, deals with families who hire surrogates to carry their babies and she says this method is becoming more known to people:

“You know in recent years, we look at people like Bill and Guilana Rancic, Elton John, Kelcy and Camille Grammer, I mean one of the most famous people that used a surrogate was Michael Jackson of course. You know, there are people like Neil Patrick Harris, Sarrah Jessica Parker. When celebrities start doing something I think there becomes more of an awareness about it.”

Henderson says about 30-percent of her clients are heterosexual couples with fertility issues and 70-percent of her clients are same-sex couples:

“When people use a surrogate, there’s usually one piece of the puzzle missing: the uterus, the egg or sperm and so we provide those pieces of the puzzle.”

Henderson adds this is not cheap. She says the whole process could cost up to $125,000.

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