By Special Contributur Larry Kane

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – The impact and reality of autism is still a mystery to many people, but in our region, there are people who are trying to get a better understanding and take direct action as well.

One of the challenges of autism is trying to make ordinary tasks easier. That means explaining and training, like the project now underway that is spreading nationwide.

Dr. Wendy Ross’s program to train airport and airline employees to make it so much easier for families with autistic children to fly is now at six airports, with more to come. Dr Ross’s program began in Philadelphia.

“We got a plane and a crew. We started to educated people at the airport and we were there at all shifts. We educated the airport, airline and TSA employees also. We educated in Philadelphia about 120 that first year,” says Dr. Ross.

This airport experiment was a breakthrough. The family that benefited from it participates in our special one hour look at autism, a new reality. It is everything the community needs to know about how children grow up with autism and the real stories of love and proffers. That’s Sunday, along with a thorough look at autism when we join you for VOR at 9:00 on TCN.