By Spike Eskin

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – I’m in a bad place with the Sixers right now.

They’ve lost 46 of 48 games (or something that feels like that), they can’t guard anyone, they can’t rebound, they can’t score, and their best player is walking on a treadmill and I’m supposed to be excited about it.

I like a lot of the players on the Sixers. I like Jrue Holiday because he’s becoming a star. I like Nick Young because well, he’s Nick Young. Thad Young has bulked up and works very hard. But man, they’re terrible right now.

Then, today, I was looking at Twitter, as I often am, and I saw an article posted from Grantland titled “Nikola Vucevic Could Be The Next Marc Gasol.”

And I was dead. The dagger in the heart.

The Nuggets are playing well, the Orlando Magic are surprisingly decent, and now Nik Vucevic is Marc Gasol?!

To be clear, I supported the Bynum trade at the time, and I still think it was right to take the chance. It may very well still work out to the Sixers benefit.

To be totally honest, I thought of Vucevic as a throw in. He wasn’t one of the players I was really concerned about.

With that said, here’s your depressing Sixers numbers for today. The totals from the Bynum trade, for the players the Sixers got, and the players the Sixers gave up.


Sixers got 319

Sixers gave up 996


Sixers got 47

Sixers gave up 230

Rebounds (we could use these):

Sixers got 118

Sixers gave up 674

Blocked Shots:

Sixers got 18

Sixers gave up 85


Sixers got 40

Sixers gave up 91

Please, someone, make it better.