By Tony Romeo

HARRISBURG, Pa. (CBS) — Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett says the question of an assault weapons ban is a federal issue and that the reaction to last week’s horror in Connecticut should be focused on mental illness, instead.

Pennsylvania’s senior US Senator, Democrat Bob Casey, says the school rampage has prompted him to change his position and support a ban on assault weapons.

But, when pressed by reporters at a Thursday news conference, Corbett largely deflected questions about his position on assault weapons, shifting the focus to other issues.

“The occasion that is common throughout all of these, besides the fact that there was a weapon used, is apparently, clearly something to do with mental illness. And we need to be taking a look at what all the facts are — no rush to judgments here.”

Another issue the governor believes should be examined is the need for gun owners to keep their weapons secured. Ultimately, Corbett says an assault weapons ban is something that must be decided upon by Congress, not state legislatures.