By Pat Loeb

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Sunday was an important day in local churches as parishioners looked to the pulpit to help make sense of the Connecticut tragedy.

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The Old First Reformed United Church of Christ is known for its live nativity scene and it was a coincidence that picture day — when children get to pose with the sheep and donkies — was the day their parents were struggling with the age old question of why God allows the innocent to suffer.

“It was one of those services where there were tears on and off all through the service,” says Paster Michael Caine.

Pastor Caine says he didn’t even attempt to make sense of the shooting.

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“I think when you try to come up with explanations they ring kind of tinny or outright dishonest, so I think in some sense, it’s more faithful to acknowledge the suffering,” he explains.

Caine says parishioners lit 28 candles, for each of the victims, and offered their own prayers for those lost.

“Kind of the tone of people’s prayers were that we’re responsible for making a world where this is less likely to happen,” says Pastor Caine.

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